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    Here's how we provide cyber security and connectivity solutions for contemporary businesses


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  • Transio Solutions provides technology to connect and protect networks

    What if our digital systems could be connected efficiently, securely and reliably with the outside world? For organisations seeking to connect and collaborate easily and securely via the Internet, there is an answer.

    The problem: connecting locations can be tricky

    Connecting between networks is critical, but existing technologies make it difficult and expensive to connect securely (where information is safe) and transparently (where the connected networks operate on agreed protocols).


    Until now, companies operating remote sites have had to rely on expensive methods for their connectivity to the outside world.


    How we help: clever, seamless technology

    Transio makes it easy to connect locations over the internet, whilst protecting information with world-class security. Building and maintaining strong wide area networks is simple with Transio.


    We help businesses create secure VPN (Virtual Private Networks) across multiple locations and devices using powerful and innovative world class technologies.

  • Protect yourself from cyber crime

    Now you can beat the cyber criminals by accessing your bank accounts or sensitive cloud applications with BankVault's SafeWindow.

  • Use Cases

    Examples of how Transio helps businesses connect and protect


    Empowering people to work from home, with an operating environment that is just like being in the office.


    Road Warriors

    Giving remote staff the full support of their in-house team and resources by connecting with their business network, even while travelling, on any device.

    Franchises & Multi-Sites

    Linking multiple locations with a permanent, secure and reliable connection.

    Security conscious business owners

    Securing your office from external threats and giving confidence to your customers that their information is secure.

    Remote operations

    Easily and securely expand wide area networks to small remote sites where technology and connectivity is expensive.

    Pop-up stores

    Quickly and easily add a pop up store into your existing corporate network with no need for expensive infrastructure or lock in contracts.

  • Team

    Our people are our strength

    Mark Harrell


    Mark Harrell has extensive experience in running and growing technology companies. For 8 years, he served as iWebGate’s Managing Director, responsible for overseeing the company’s Asia Pacific operations and expansion. Prior to iWebGate, Mark had over 10 years’ experience as a Chief Information Officer for a global company Worldmark. Previous experience includes managing online education programs throughout Asia and developing sophisticated automated finance programs in both Australia and South Africa. Mark also has strong business intelligence and information systems experience along with operational and project management skills.

    Jon Wilson


    Jon Wilson is an experienced business advisor, assisting medium and large organisations to develop, improve and grow. He has worked with large and small organisations across a range of industries in Australia and internationally. He is also a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and a founding Director of two independent consulting firms operating in Australia and the United Kingdom.

    Bryan Turnbull

    Head of Sales

    Bryan Turnbull has over 25 years of direct sales, channel management, account management, and management experience. At iWebGate, Bryan successfully established the channel partner program for Telstra with the prime responsibility to grow and retain the iWebGate Workspace Suite product portfolio through their extensive channel network across Australia. Bryan was previously the State Manager for AAPT while managing the Wholesale and Channel portfolios and has a strong knowledge of telecommunications.

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